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How to Write an Effective Email

Communication is the key to running a business, and writing emails is one major way we communicate.

So it is worth saying that writing a good email is key to getting your initiatives out and in keeping customers happy.

Here are some tips to consider when writing an email.

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Say it With a Postcard

What’s little, powerful, and packs a real punch?

A postcard from you!

Postcards are often overlooked as a great way to market, but they effectively get your message out. People are forced to read your message even before thinking of throwing it away.

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Lol! The Pros and Cons of Adding Humor to Marketing

Getting people to laugh can be a highly effective marketing strategy.

However, before you jump right in, it’s imperative to decide if humor in marketing is right for you and your business. After all, the best marketing is engaging, memorable, and shareable. Humor, when done correctly, checks all these boxes.

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Be the Best at Customer Service

We all work in customer service to some extent…it just depends on who the customer is.

If you’re in an office, it’s your boss who is the customer. If you’re in retail, it’s the shopper who is the customer. And the list continues. So, it bears repeating that customer service is important.

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Spot UV Coating Makes Your Images Pop

Business people collect a lot of business cards; in fact, there are so many that sometimes these items get lost in the shuffle.

But there is a way to print business cards to let your message not only dazzle the recipient but help you get truly noticed.

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Are Your Meetings Worth Attending?

When asking employees what makes a meeting worth attending, 62% said “clear,” “specific,” “defined,” and “concrete” information should be given.

This may sound like basic information, but many bosses hold meetings that are contrary to these terms. So how can you ensure you’re not making this mistake?

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How to Flourish: Focus on Personal Growth

We don’t always talk about personal growth, but it should be the topic of conversation or at least the topic of thought. How do we flourish in such a busy world? Here are ten steps to encourage your growth.

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Re-evaluate Your Time Management Skills

Time management is something we all strive to improve.

When you think you have it down to a science, a big project comes along and stretches us. But we all know that time management is the key to being successful.

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Your Mini-Guide to Business Branding

Branding helps your business create the desired image of your company by clarifying and expanding what your company stands for.

According to Kotler and Keller, “Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand.” It helps put your business above the competition by giving customers an idea to attach themselves to. It affects consumers, employees, and shareholders.

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